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My Turn: Dismantling Internalized Racism, Bias is a Life-long Process

By Sarah Robinson

Concord Monitor


This is a letter for white folks, from a white person who has watched a particular situation unfold over the past few weeks. As one of the lead organizers of Concord’s Showing Up for Racial Justice chapter, I have an interest in calling white folks into anti-racism work and sharing what acceptable behavior can look like in difficult situations.

By now just about everyone has heard of the repeated use of a racial slur by Democratic Rep. Nicole Klein Knight in the public sphere during a conversation with a Black activist. Since that incident, a coalition of people has spoken out, some against her actions and others jumping to her defense.

It needs to be said at the outset of this letter, that there is never any reason to use a racial slur in any context. There are acceptable ways to refer to the language used to refer to African Americans.

Read more on the Concord Monitor website here!

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