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Kids and Community first.

"A vote for Sarah Robinson is a vote for mindful policy, equitable student-centered decision making, and stronger community involvement in our district." 

Meet Sarah Personally

Sarah Robinson is thrilled to serve the community and help shape policies in the district to ensure students receive a high-quality education and supportive learning environment.  Born and raised in New Hampshire and a graduate of the public school system, Sarah has been a resident of Concord for over 16 years.  She is a proud wife of a Concord High School graduate and mother of two brilliant kiddos who attend Mill Brook and Broken Ground Schools. Sarah is an active and dedicated volunteer within the district through various committees as well as her children's schools. Sarah is thrilled to be serving for this important role in her community!

Long Term Concord Resident
Educated in the Public School System
Daughters at Mill Brook & Broken Ground Schools
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“After serving many years on district committees, this is an important opportunity to work more closely on supporting our public schools. Our schools are the heart of our community, and I am eager to run and help keep them strong. My background in public education and racial justice is a good fit for the types of challenges facing our schools.” 

Meet Sarah Professionally

Sarah Robinson brings with her a diverse background, rooted in education, community engagement and organizing. She is the Education Justice Campaign Director for Granite State Progress, founder and co-organizer of Concord’s chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice, a former member of the Concord PRIDE board of directors, the former Senior Project Manager for Reaching Higher NH and an enthusiastic ambassador for life in the Capital City.

Education Justice Campaign Director - Granite State Progress
Restorative Listening Circles Trained Facilitator
Great Schools Partnership Trained Facilitator
Founder & Co-Organizer of Showing Up for Racial Justice

 Mindful Policy  Equity 
 Strong Community Engagement 

 Care   Public School Advocacy

 Parent Support    Research 

 Kids & Community First 

Sarah on the 

Mindful Policy &
Community Engagement

Concord, like many other districts, will be facing hard decisions in the near future. The complexities of building a new middle school, adjusting curriculum demands at the high school level, and the complex policy issues that start at the state house require skill and care to address properly.  It is critical that community members are offered opportunities to share their thoughts and hopes for the future,  which is something she believes the school board can improve upon. Sarah’s career has allowed her the opportunity to follow state-wide education policy for the past several years.

Public School Advocacy

Over the past few years, decisions being made at the State House level have been focused on the privatization of public education. These policy decisions could have negative effects on this public institution we all rely on.  It is more important now than ever before that communities come together to support and uplift our public schools. No matter what side of the aisle folks may identify with, we can all agree that our hopes and dreams for our children are the same: that they will have the kind of education that helps them find and develop their special skills and thus put them on their path to success whatever that looks like for them.

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